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Fighting food waste

LOOP Parallel is a circular economy project created by like-minded dreamers sharing a common goal: to put an end to food waste. This is the first line fresh out of the press : juice shots rescuing perfectly imperfect fruits, spiked with potent superfoods and the right dose of cannabis.

Pineapple lemon blue majik

5mg CBD
5mg THC

Blue pineapples?! It must be Majik. A full dose of sweet, tangy, rescued pineapple juice backed up with fresh lemon makes this the tastiest 1:1 shot you could ask for.

Flavour profile: Pineapple, Lemon. Lightly Sweet and Oh So Tangy.

Ginger Pear Lemon

10mg CBD
1mg THC

The potent punch of fresh, rescued ginger root combines with the sweet notes of pear to create harmony in this shot. Add CBD and THC to the mix? This one is unbeatable.

Flavour profile: A blast of ginger, ginger and more ginger.

Turmeric Clementine Black Pepper

10mg CBD
0mg THC

This one is fuel for the soul. Small batch, fresh-pressed juice from rescued clementine and turmeric root - powered up with CBD. Living full throttle, with a helmet.

Flavour profile: Punch you in the face potent! Strong turmeric and citrus with a hint of pepper to let you know it’s working.

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